How many nights in a row do you wear the same pajamas? Have you ever considered how often your PJs might need to be changed? The truth is, a lot of us don’t give this topic enough thought, and we should!

The Daily Mail revealed an intriguing gender gap in this matter: it takes men, on average, almost two weeks to change their jammies, while women wait over three weeks on average.

If you feel uneasy about those statistics, there’s a good reason: our pajamas can accumulate dirt and germs faster than we realize. We should really be changing our nightwear every single day.

For some, sleeping nude is the only way to avoid the problem entirely. Meanwhile, many others don’t mind re-wearing their pajamas over and over again for weeks on end.

It can be easy to believe that our PJs are innocently cozy havens, but we should all accept the grim reality: those warm and fuzzy blankets of comfort may also house a plethora of germs! Prolonged wear without proper cleansing often leads to some seriously unpleasant consequences.

Here’s the 8 Reasons why you should change your pajamas every day: